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Peter Garoufalis - VK2NN

DX'Peditions - VK9NI , VK9IR , VI2BI , VI2MI

The Light house team

Tommy Horozakis - VK2IR

DX'Peditions - VK9NI , 3D2IR , ZL1/VK2IR , 5W0IR , VK9IR , KH8/VK2IR ,
J6/VK2IR , VI2BI , 6Y5/VK2IR SV1-6/VK2IR , SV0XBF , SV5/VK2IR , SV8/VK2IR , SV9/VK2IR , SY8AN , VI2MI , ZK1IR ,
The HARAOA Group have organized to go to Montague Island OC-223 from the 20th until the 23rd August 2010. HARAOA have confirmed 2011 from Montague Island with 15 operators making the trip to the island from vk2,vk3 ,sv5 .

The VI2MI team will be on the island for approx 4 days, we are celebrating the return of ham radio to the island again after a long break and will be operating on multiple bands simulataneously to give everyone the chance to contact Montague Island on the light house weekend.This is a very special Island and what a great opportunity to promote it and the light house weekend.

We will want to make contact with as many light houses around Australia & the world. This is not a DX'Pedition or contest our aim are light houses.




QSL Information


Please note this was not an IOTA but oc-223 was advised as people kept asking what is its iota for the location. It was not a contest but I will organise a card for those who need one as to keep everyone happy.I will advise if its done by paper or electronic.